WIGS BootCamp | TressAllure® GOLD - 9th July

Are you looking for opportunities to expand your creativity as a hairdresser and have always been attracted to commercial styles? Do you have clients experiencing hair loss and looking for help and expertise? Would you like to be known in your community and recognized as a specialist in wigs for fashion and therapeutic needs? If so, this is a one-time opportunity to expand your salon services and increase your sales by 20%. You'll get to see Vivienne as she demonstrates each technique and recreates them, plus follow along with her in real time.

What You’ll Learn

  • Consultation - Figure out the right look on the right client
  • Face shape - Choosing the right wig for the client, partings and root direction
  • Wig wrap options
  • Wig Types - How to select the right wig type for your client
  • Customization of the wig with the razor and thinning scissors
  • Outline shapes clippers - Free hand cutting
  • Let’s get creative - Wigs for fashion and photo shoots, and photo journaling tips
  • Styling options with iron
  • The art of business and the business of wigs - 3 ways to make more money.

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$500.00 USD

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