Wigs & Hair Pieces Long Hairstyling Bootcamp - Silver [Full Payment]

When: Sunday, 3rd November & Monday, 4th November
Time: 10:00am - 5:00pm EST/New York

This 2-day bootcamp is a virtual workshop where you can engage and ask questions. Vivienne will demonstrate each technique, allowing you to follow along step-by-step. At the end of the bootcamp, you will have the skills and confidence to expand your styling skills for your long hair clients and special events.

What you will learn:

  • Discover how to map out a style and balance the face shape
  • The why comes before the how – Learn how to communicate style selection and increase client satisfaction
  • Confidence in selecting the best setting skills following ‘Viv’s Curl Chart' to get an ideal result that lasts
  • The art of backcombing to create a strong foundation
  • The art of pinning for security and freedom within the style
  • Classic ‘timeless styles’ - polished and groomed
  • Relaxed and undone ‘day looks’ that are modern and trendy

PLUS, GET FULL ACCESS FOR 1-YEAR to workshop recording. Watch again at any time!

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