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How to become the hairdresser you have always wanted, while having more than free time, EVEN if you still spend 12+ hours/day behind the chair.


Become The Hairdresser Clients Want


Are you ready to reinvent yourself and your career?

OR does it sound “too good to be true” with everything else you have going on? Time is not on your side and social media has made it harder and harder to please new clients.

Long term clients have left you and loyalty isn’t the same as it once used to. It’s a heartbreaking feeling…

There’s so much to stay on top of!

And it has gotten so hard to keep up with new techniques and technology. You’re constantly asking yourself if you could have done a better job…

It’s as if your salon chair has you on a treadmill, leaving you questioning “where did my creativity go"?

So, if you’d like to save time, charge more, and increase your value in style and design this webinar is perfect fit for you.

What we'll be covering:

  • The ‘client consultation’ strategy that has been a life-saver for hundreds of hairdressers when managing difficult clients
  • An easy way on how to earn back time to grow your business so you can feel like you’re constantly pushing yourself to the next level
  • How to approach clients when they ask you for a design or style that you know won’t fit them
  • How to overcome the struggle of finding good people without taking up too much of your time
  • How to overcome the ‘Fake-it till you make it attitude’ even if you feel it has been a real challenge to catch up with everything new that’s coming up in the industry

Whether you’re new to the industry or someone who has done this for many years, then this webinar is one you don’t want to miss out on!

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